Friday, December 30, 2011

P&P's Top Polish Picks for 2011

So much polish, so little time. I wanted to choose 11 top polish picks for 2011 but I couldn't narrow it past 14.  Please keep in mind that all of these were purchased by me in 2011- this does not mean that 2011 was their debut year.

Here are my top polish picks for 2011 (not in any particular order):

A perfect blue. Heavenly.

Perfect coral color. Girly and sassy. (Can you believe I got this for $1 at Dollar Tree?)

The perfect purple. And its scented.
I have to give an honorable mention to L'Oreal in Viva Violet for also having a fab purple. 

I mean, come on. The name speaks for itself.

What can I say? This is just a freakin dope-ass gray!

From Serena Williams' collection. So sparkly. (Please do not add white Shatter- WACK).
It's also HOT with cream tips

Loved this green. So subtly sexy.

 Looking for a green for the holiday season? This was a great one. And only $1.99.

Blue and sparkly? What more could I ask for?

 Just the sweetest pink...And it smells like cotton candy!

From the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection. So seafoamy dreamy...


The perfect emerald green. Class and style.


The only red that I fell in love with this year. Sassy and scented, really??? Love it.


Need a bright blue. Well, this is it!

Honorable Mention: Sally Hansen Salon Effects (any color)
So this is not exactly polish but they are so freakin convenient and easy, its ridiculous! These polish strips are great for the perla who is on the run but wants fly nails. I'm the first to admit that drying time is my down fall. With these, no waiting and no smudges. What more could a girl ask for? I featured a couple on the blog this past year:

Laced Up

And there are so many more that I could've selected....Yeah, I know there was a lot of blue but remember I was obsessed with blue this year. I wonder what my color obsession will be for 2012. Would be straight cuh-razy if it were red!!

So what do you think of the list? Did you purchase any of these colors this year?

Happy New Year, perlas! May all of your dreams and aspirations for 2012 come true....Muchisimos besos, P&P.


  1. Ooooh, Caught With My Khakis Down is niiice!!! My just have to add that to my wish list, heehee ;0)

  2. Yeah, that color is definitely hot!


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