Friday, September 30, 2011

On a Power Trip- Essie in Power Clutch

I picked up Essie in Power Clutch at Rite Aid about a week ago. This is part of their new Fall Collection made up of six colors (my other two LUSTS from this collection are Case Study and Very Structured). Power Clutch is DOPE. 

In the bottle it looks like a deep gray in the bottle but its actually greenish also. It really is a powerful color- I'm BOSSY right now....well, actually when am I not? LOL....Anyway, instead of making me smile like some other colors have done, this one makes me say "HELL YEAH" when I look at my nails.

Check out my pics (sorry about the Colgate toothpaste in the background LOL):

What do you think of the color, perlas? Have you picked up any of the Fall Collection from Essie?...Besos, P&P.

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