Wednesday, September 21, 2011

All Right Now, Rite Aid! And I Finally Got My Cutex!

So I'm sure that if you read this blog that you know that I am seriously addicted to CVS. I have definitely been an avid CVS shopper and taken advantage of all of the CVS Beauty Club specials, coupons, clearance items, specials and the list goes on. I have recently moved and the CVS near my new home is sub par (to say it mildly). In addition, I have been on the hunt for Cutex nail polish remover but CVS only seems to carry their own brand. So the combination of my current refusal to patron the CVS near me and my desire for Cutex, inspired me to go a little bit out of my way to check out Rite Aid.

Well, hello Rite Aid! I was honestly pleasantly surprised by my Rite Aid experience. It was clean, bright and in spite of being located in a predominately minority area, it was fully stocked! (I don't know about you but there is an obvious difference between CVS locations based upon the surrounding community. SMH) Well, this Rite Aid had many Essie colors, even the new collection. It also had an awesome selection of Sally Hansen, Jesse's Girl, Revlon, and many other products. On top of that, they carry CUTEX!!!

Let me tell you, perlas, if you don't think that your polish remover brand matters, you are sadly mistaken. Now I'll keep it real. I was raised on Cutex- at least that's what I saw my mother use. But once I had to buy my own polish remover, I bought whichever brand was the cheapest. But as much as I do my nails, I began to notice that it was becoming difficult and more time consuming to take off polish (especially glitter polish- GEESH!). So when I saw a post on another blog about Cutex's fast removing polish, I knew I had to try it. So I bought a bottle of the Cutex strengthening polish which is supposed to remove polish two times faster than other remover. Well, let me tell you, perlas, IT DOES. I will never, let me repeat that, never buy anymore store brand polish remover. It's a waste of money and what is even more valuable to me- TIME. 

Check out what else I bought at Rite Aid:

Here's a pic of the Sally Hansen cheetah print strips:

So anyway, I'm going to keep frequenting Rite Aid for now...I really hope their affinity program is as awesome as the one at CVS....fingers crossed...Besos, P&P.

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