Friday, April 22, 2011

Polish Change: Revlon in Emerald City

"Emerald City." Doesn't that just sound like a fab color for a nail polish? Well, guess what? It is!

I picked up "Emerald City" along with another polish at CVS (post coming soon) because Revlon was buy one get the second half off. I initially picked up the polish because it was blue yet green yet shiny. I couldn't figure out the color. When I saw the name- that was a wrap for me. Being a May baby, I love anything emerald- gems, emerald cut diamonds, nail polish. On top of that, the fact that it was named Emerald City gave me a warm feeling inside as I started thinking about one of my favorite movies, The Wiz. (Pause for moment of nostalgia)... This color would've looked fabulous on good witch, Glinda (RIP Lena Horne).

The polish went on easy. I used two coats of it but it was so full that I didn't necessarily need to do so. And it's definitely green (not blue at all even though it looks it in the bottle)- emerald green. And it shimmers just like an emerald. Check out my pics:



I love this polish. And my husband said it looks "classy" lol. Indeed it does. Definite P&P Please Do...Besos, P&P.


  1. Loves Emerald!!! It was my end of winter spring color that may be in my summer staples as well!!! I thought the same but I guess it depends on the hand who wears it!! ; )


  2. Hi Kellz! Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, Emerald City is ridiculously hot. I love it. Never though I'd like green polish but this is definitely fab...Besos, P&P.


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on Pearls and Polish. It's always nice to know that someone is actually reading this! LOL...Besos, P&P.