Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wow! This is a Pretty Purple

My family and I are in Valdosta visiting my hubby's family. Before we left to come here, I grabbed probably about 10 different bottles of polish because I desperately needed wanted to do both my hands and feet. I couple of weeks ago, I found some more of the Revlon Scented Polish and picked up "Grape Icy" since I have been looking for shades of purple.

I promise this was one of the easiest applications ever. I am not the best polisher so sometimes I have polish on the side that I have to remove- none of that here. I applied three coats and it really did take three since I wanted my nails opaque. Then I applied my trusty Essie Good To Go topcoat. I think the color is amazing. What do you think?

Indoor (hotel bathroom- no flash)

Hotel window (no flash)

Now, as far as the scent goes...not so much. It smells the same as Cotton Candy to me lol (Review here). Not grape-y (word?) at all...But it's still really pretty ;-)

Have you picked up any of the scented polish?...Besos, P&P. 

P.S. I applied Orly in Green Apple to my many compliments its ridiculous. It looks just as cute on my toes! (see review here). 

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