Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Midday Moscato- Raven Symone: P&P Please Do or Don't??

Ok ladies, I'm not sure if it's midday yet but I need your opinion. Raven Symone (whom I absolutely love and respect as a business person) was spotted at the 9th Annual TV Land Awards wearing a pearl covered dress. This dress by Ines Di Santo is fully beaded with pearls of all different sizes accented with Swarovski crystals. Raven looks phenomenal but what do you, perlas, think of the dress??... Please Do? or Don't? Let me know...Besos, P&P.


  1. She looks gorgeous overall, but I think the pearls on the dress are a bit too much. I do not know why I am not feeling it, I just not. I think the crystal would be enough. I think that kind of detail need to be left to wedding gowns.

  2. Shawn, I think I agree with you. I felt that it was kind of wedding dress-y also. Maybe just around the bustier part but the whole dress? Im not so sure. But Raven looks awesome though!! I love the soft curls!...Besos, P&P.

  3. She does look very good and her hair is gorgeous. I think she was looking for an elegant look but missed the mark.


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on Pearls and Polish. It's always nice to know that someone is actually reading this! LOL...Besos, P&P.