Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Polish Change: 3 (yes, three) L'Oreal Color Reviews- Viva Violet, Caramel, and Sheer Breathless

Remember I found some L'Oreal polish at the Dollar Tree? Well, I decided to try a few of them out to see how I liked them. Let me start off by saying that I was extremely surpised at the ease of the polish application. The polish was not streaky like some other polish (even higher end polish) can be. 

So my favorite of the three that I tried was Viva Violet. LOVE IT. The purple is so pretty and vibrant. It has a perle finish so it is shiny but still creamy at the same time. Check out my pics. 

Indoor shot

Outdoor shots

Caramel was pretty.  It went on easy and the polish was full with two coats. It was a great neutral color. If you see it somewhere, it is definitely worth it. Great go-to neutral, creamy color. 

I also tried Sheer Breathless which looked very close to Caramel in the bottle- it just seemed to have a shimmer to it. Ummmm not so much. I really did NOT like this color. It didn't leave me breathless at all. In fact, I was glad that I only paid 50 cents for the polish because it was barely worth that. Looked cheesy. Reminded me of a brand that I used to buy at Duane Reade for 99 cents back in the day.  Definite P&P NOT.

Indoor shot

Outdoor shots

 Definitely get that Viva Violet, perlas! It's an awesome go-to purple. Definite P&P DO!...Besos, P&P.

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