Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mmm Mmm Mandarine

Another cute color, perlas. The perfect mix of coral, pink, and orange. L'Oreal in Mandarine. Yes, Mandarine. I think the name is supposed to represent a combination of Mandarin Orange and Tangerine...maybe... But whatever its cute and fun for the Spring... It was a little light so I applied three coats. I think it looks great! Perfect complement to my brown skin. Would also look phenomenal at the beach for those tanning!...And it was at Dollar Tree in a two pack- so it really cost me 50 cents (C-R-A-Z-Y). I'm not even sure if they still make this polish anymore but it's a definite P&P Please Do. What do you think?

Indoor Shot

Outdoor Shots

HOT for Spring, right???

Today I was encouraged by a Fab Soror Perla to include some videos for my blog. So this weekend, I will be working on two videos- one on the whole new shatter, crackle polish phenomenon and the other will be on lengths for pearl necklaces. Be on the look out!...Besos, P&P.


  1. I likey!!!! You have me looking at polish for my fingernails in a whole new way! I usually only focus on my toes... But now my tips are getting some major shine!

  2. Hi Dawneazy! Thanks so much for the comment! I'm so glad that you are now focusing on both your fingers AND toes. Why should your toes have all the fun?!?!?! ;-)...Besos, P&P.

  3. That's a BEAUTIFUL color! At the Dollar Store in a two pack? NO!!!! I don't believe it!

  4. Hi Veronica! It IS beautiful, isn't it?? YES, chica, at the Dollar Store! In a two pack! LOL!...Besos, P&P.


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