Sunday, April 10, 2011

Polish Change: ORLY Spark

So as much as I did not want to take off the OPI DS Reserve that I fell in love with, I decided, alas, it was time to move on. Yes, time for another polish change.This time, I wanted to do something a little less traditional that would be fab for the spring. During my trip to Sally's last week, I picked up three colors from Orly- two of which were non-traditional (for me anyway) springtime shades. The one that I decided to try today is called "Spark." In the bottle it looked so sunny and perfect for the beautiful day that we are experiencing in Atlanta right now.

Let me start off by saying that I was a little, well actually a lot, spoiled by the ease of application of the polish from the OPI Designer Series. So I had to readjust to the Orly polish and manage my expectations. I mean let's be real, there is a difference between a polish that costs $12.50 and one that costs $5.99... So I applied two coats of "Spark" to my nails (on top of my basecoat, of course). Honestly, although the color is definitely bright and springy, I probably could've used one more coat of Spark just to make it even more seamless and even. Then I applied my usual top coat. Here are the results:

Outdoor shot in the sunlight. Looks good, right? Peep how Orly Spark matches the flower (aka weeds) in my lawn.

Indoor shot. I wanted you to see the polish indoors. I took this pic without a flash. 

It looks tame in both pics- its NOT. Don't be fooled. This nail polish is straight YELLOW- like Crayola.  If that's your thing, great, work it out, perla. Not really mine, but Im going to rock it for a couple of days to see what kind of feedback I receive. I am going to look for a bit more tame shade of yellow and get back to you all. Let me know if you have any recommendations...For the record, my nine year old loves the polish color. What do you think?...Besos, P&P.


  1. I actually like it. It looks really pretty on. It seems to be a very pretty color for the spring/summer. I think that if you are not really big on color, this would be a very pretty color to rock on weekends. I am sure your nine year old loves the color, they accept things for what they are, we have developed comfort zones.

  2. Hi GlitziLadi! I like how the color looks in my pictures too! Its just when I look at it in person, it just seems a bit much...I love, love, love color but this yellow is just too yellow for me...Thanks so much for your comment! Keep 'em coming!...Besos, P&P.

  3. I agree with Summer Lol i like it

  4. LOL! Maybe I will revisit in the summer...


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