Thursday, May 26, 2011

Midday Moscato: Islay Taylor's "Knuckle Dusters"

You know how every so often you stumble upon something that just takes your breath away? It stops you dead in your tracks because you have never seen anything quite like it?  Well I had that experience today... I was browsing through my Twitter feed and saw a link attached by OPI. I clicked on the link and found the most extraordinary rings that I have seen in a very long time...and no, they are not pearl rings!! 

Amazing contemporary art jeweler, Islay (pronounced 'eye-luh' ) Taylor has created the most spectacular combination of art, jewelry and, of all things, nails! These two and three-finger rings, called "Knuckle Dusters," were inspired by Kid Sister's song, "Pro Nails." And yes, those are actual hand painted acrylic nails on the rings. Phenomenal!

Sweet baby Jesus, these are so HOT!

On her blog, Ms. Taylor says, "I use the body as a pedestal to showcase wearable sculptures." I would say that these rings are a definite testament to that. Please visit her website at to see more of her awe-inspiring pieces.

Oh and here is Kid Sister's video for "Pro Nails," if you haven't seen it.

...Besos, P&P.

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