Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Polish Change: Rimmel London in Steel Gray

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Mine went well other than that my computer decided that it would no longer power up (insert expletives). It is for that reason that my blogging has been limited (although you can always find me on Twitter). And yeah, that issue has not yet been resolved but I don't want to talk about that right now.

Anyway, so over the Thanksgiving holiday, I found myself at Target (although it certainly doesn't take a holiday to find me there). I am never overly impressed with their selection (at least not at the location closest to my house). I was actually looking for Essie in Very Structured because I thought that would be the perfect Thanksgiving color. Never found it. But I did stumble upon a brand that I had not tried before- Rimmel London. I really like grey colors so I picked it up in "Steel Grey." 

The brush was a bit awkward (kind of like the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure brush which I can't stand) but oddly enough the application was not bad at all. The first coat was pretty thin so I added another. These are pics with two (yes, only two) coats. Check it out:

With flash

Check out the staging LOL.

I think these are my best pics yet!!

Outside, no flash, natural light (in my truck)

So even though its called "Steel Grey," it really has a purplish tint to it. I really like it though. It seems to go perfectly with my mood today- laid back (but still fly). A great color when you want to say something...but not too much.

This color reminds me a lot of Confetti in Moonstruck. I know some of my readers could never find that color. This is a good alternative. 

And oh yeah, this polish is supposed to last up to 10 days....I'm skeptical but then again we'll never know because the same color will never last that long on my hands- chippy or not (maybe I should try on my feet). 

Dope or nope, perlas?...Besos, P&P.


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