Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Polish Change: Confetti in Moonstruck

Yesterday, my son and I went to kill time at CVS during my daughter's softball practice. After we were able to find an appropriate bubble-blowing contraption for my two year old (he is obsessed with bubbles), I was able to concentrate on nail polish YAY.

This time I wanted to feature a polish that was not in the $5 and above range. I know that there are many readers who may not want to pay $5- $12 for a bottle of nail polish. So I picked up a polish called Confetti in a creamy looking purplish gray color called Moonstruck. The polish was only $1.99! I think this can fit into anyone's budget even with these ridiculous gas prices (OMG I may need to trade my new truck in!).

Honestly, I was impressed with the ease of the application.  The first coat is definitely really light but the second coat gave it a creamy full look. I really like the color. It's a laid-back purple- classy and tame. Great color for those of you who may work in a corporate environment or aren't into bright colors.

So just so you know, I am a word freak. I wanted to really understand why the folks at Confetti named this color "Moonstruck." Clearly, it wasn't in honor of Cher (remember she was in that movie "Moonstruck)  because Cher could not be represented by anything this tame. So, I looked it up in the dictionary to make sure that I wasn't missing anything and it all became clear. Moonstruck can mean romantically sentimental and this polish definitely has that soft subtle quality (it can also mean mentally unbalanced but I don't think they were going for that).

Anyway, check out my pics:

Outdoor (it's a bit overcast in the ATL):


So creamy and nice, right? And only $1.99 at CVS! P&P Do!...Besos, P&P.

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