Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yeah, Men Can Wear Pearls Too- Pearls for Father's Day

I must admit, I never put any thought to it- the idea of men wearing pearls.  I, honestly, don't think I have every seen a guy with pearls on.  Have you?  But as Father's Day is fast approaching, I started to think of an appropriate post for the blog.  Since the Mother's Day posts (click here or here) were so popular, I decided to do a search on pearls for men. 

Surprisingly enough, I did come up with a few options that I think my husband would actually wear.  If you have a husband like mine, who is a sharp dresser, you know that not just any accessories will do.  Pearl jewelry can really add sophistication to any man's attire.  I do add a disclaimer that this may not be appropriate for the men in your life if they are more of the football jersey type (not that there is anything wrong with that- but it does have its time and place).  

Tahitian black pearls seemed to be the choice for all of the men's jewelery that I stumbled upon on the Internet.  I would definitely agree that the dark color adds a bit of masculine refinement to the pearl jewelry. 

The first thing that came to my mind were cuff links.  Look beyond the basic cuff link for the father in your life and check these out. I found these beauties at

 DOPE, right?!?! 

They also have tuxedo studs at, if the father in your life attends many black tie events:

Hot!!...I also found this tie tack at the Pearl Oasis website, 

They also had it in white...

WACK!  I'm sorry but the white just doesn't do it for me...What do you all think?

When it comes to bracelets and necklaces, a leather and pearl mix seems to be the style for men.

What do you think of these bracelets? Ehhh, I don't love them. I don't know about you but I need something a little ummm harder for my man. I think the bracelet on the right is definitely a bit more manly...Your thoughts?

I did, however, find one pearl bracelet that was more along the lines of the traditional pearl bracelet at Pearls of Joy:

These Tahitian pearls are a good size at 9-10mm. I need to see it on a man's wrist though. Don't you?

Here are some pearl and leather necklaces for men:

Tahitian pearl and leather necklace

Golden South Sea round pearl and leather necklace

Hmmmm....I just don't see it....

You can find these pearl options all over the internet. Shop around for the best pricing but take into consideration the pearl size and quality.  I am a free agent with no sponsors on my site. I call them as I see them. If you would like my opinion on anything that you are considering, please feel free to email me at besos, P&P.


  1. The black pearls are mainly bought by those successful and stable gentle men. These are born for men naturally. These pearls are worn by men to show their handsome figures and the powerful strengths. Designs of pearl pendants and pearl necklaces for men are gaining popularity day by day. Thanks a lot.

  2. I really hope that pearl jewelry for men continues to gain popularity...Besos, P&P.

  3. Hi,

    A man wearing pearl jewelery looks like a little flirtatious. Traditionally it is belonging to the women. However, this tradition is changed recently because many companies are now producing men jewelery. Thanks for sharing some unique designs of men pearl jewelery.

  4. I am from the Pacific. Men wearinng perals in common in Tahiti, the Cook Islands, and in Hawai'i too. Also pearls are worn by men in Asia and India.

  5. I actually wear tonnes of black pearls from Tahiti.

    I wear a gold and black pearl ring. A gold chain with a double black pearl pendant. Another gold chain with 7 pearls attached, and pearl earings.


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