Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pearls for Mother's Day- Gifts under $100

Mother's Day is in less than two weeks. I wanted to provide you with some pearl gift ideas for your mother, grandmother, aunt or for you to send to whomever is responsible for getting you a gift LOL.

All of these options are under $100 and are real pearls.

EARRINGS is having an awesome sale for Mother's Day. If earrings are what you are looking for, don't look any further. They have a great selection of freshwater pearl earrings in black, white, pink/peach and lavender in a variety of sizes. These prices are for AA grade which is a decent grade (found in most department stores- nothing wrong with AA) but not one that you would find in a fine jewelry store. In addition, the pearls may not be perfectly round at this grade. I have included the price to upgrade to AAA and, in most cases, it is inexpensive.

 White in 6.0-7mm  $46.75 (Add $5 to upgrade to AAA)

 Black in 7.0-8mm  $50.15 (Add $10 to upgrade to AAA)

 Lavender in 8.0-9mm  $58.65 (Add $10 to upgrade to AAA)

 Pink/Peach in 9.5-10mm  $72.25 (Add $69 to upgrade to AAA)


I found a freshwater bracelet, 6.5-7mm, AAA quality at for $90. The bracelet is 7in. This is a great price for a bracelet with AAA quality which means the pearls will be round and it will have high luster/shine. It is available in white.

Pearls of Joy also has a variety of AA freshwater pearl bracelets in black, white, multi-color, pink/peach and lavender. The cost depends on the size of the pearls themselves. .

They have two sizes under $100:
1) 6.0-7mm- $63.65, add $34 to upgrade to AAA or
2) 7.0-8mm- $84.15, add $39 to upgrade to AAA

Laguna Pearl has a 7-8mm white freshwater pearl necklace on clearance for $99! It is 17" long and AA grade. This length typically falls right about the collarbone and is great for v-neck shirts and button-down blouses. You can find it here.


I also found this beautiful pendant at This would be a fabulous gift!  It is a Japanese Akoya cultured pearl, 7.0-7.5mm, AAA grade (excellent quality) with 14k white gold mounting. This pendant has super luster and shine! The sale price is $90. Unfortunately, you will have to buy the chain separately...

As always, it is my goal to provide quality yet affordable options to mis perlas. Every woman should have pearls and it doesn't have to cost a million dollars to build up your collection. Stay tuned for my next post- "More Pearls for Mother's Day- Gifts under $250," for those who want to step it up a notch...Besos, P&P.

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