Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Polish Change: NYC #241

After a long 4th of July weekend of hosting my husband's family reunion, I am exhausted. It went well (thank God). His family seemed to have a good time in Atlanta...so much of a good time that they voted my husband the new President of the Family Reunion Club (which really means more work for me, right? lol).

An-tee-way, back to the POLISH, I have so many polish changes to post but thought I would start with this one: NYC in #241. I promise I looked all over this bottle (under, on top, on the side, everywhere) but I could not find an actual name for this polish. So I did an Internet search and turns out its called "Turquoise Seas" which is a really accurate name for this color. This polish looks turquoise blue in the bottle but on your nails turns into more of a sea green- really pretty. 

My first impression of the polish during the first coat was that it reminded me of painting with watercolors. Remember in art class when you had to use the watercolor paints and your artwork looked watery and light? Well, that's what the first coat made me think of LOL. It took me three coats to be satisfied with the polish (you may remember, I hate when you can see my nail line). On the other hand, the brush was a good size and the polish was very easy to apply. Also, the polish is really shiny (Vinyl Shine) and contains pro vitamin B5 which is supposed to prevent brittle, dry nails. Good stuff!

Here are some pics:

So, I'm a bit obsessed with the Crackle/Shatter phenomenon.  In my polish stash, I now have the OPI Shatter in White and Silver, and the Sally Hansen Crackle in Ink Splatter (black). Here, they are on top of Turquoise Seas:

Turquoise Seas looks AWESOME under the silver Shatter and the black Crackle . The polish really looks like OPI in Mermaid's Tears underneath the silver Shatter (see here)... I am just not a fan of the white Shatter (more to come on that in my review of the Serena Williams collection). Your thoughts?...Besos, P&P.


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