Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Too Young For Red

I planned to do a post related to polish and kids- just not this soon. But one of my fab sorors commented on "Perfectly Polished" saying that she recently had a conversation with her friends about that very subject. So here goes...Let me start by saying that I definitely wasn't the biggest nail polish fan growing up. I was way too rough on my hands playing basketball and volleyball. So it was not often that you saw any form of polish on my nails. However, it was made crystal clear to me by my mother that the color red was off limits and only for adults. It was like red said something about a person that was way too mature for a child. Like red was an invitation to something of which a child could take no part. Obviously red nails make a grown (and sexy) statement. What that exact statement is though, honestly I'm still not sure even though I won't let my daughter wear red either... Maybe I should ask my mom, she should know, after all she was the queen of reds...

So yesterday, my daughter and  I went to Sally's to pick up some polish (P&P PSA: Sally's has buy 2 get 1 free on all nailpolish including China Glaze and Orly!). So I told her that she could pick any color that she wanted for her "Spring Break Nails." She started looking at a variety of pinks- didn't even glance at the reds LOL. But she then moved on to brighter,  non-traditional colors like yellow, green and blue. Honestly, I knew that she was going to head that way- she's definitely a trendsetter. So was I surprised when she decided to put back the pink-hued nail polish to choose a royal blue shade called "Frostbite" by China Glaze? Not really... Would I have liked her to choose a different shade? Ummm, yeah!.. Did I try to talk her out of it? Absolutely!...But then I took a step back and reminded myself of three things: 1) It's Spring Break. Let the kid have some FUN!; 2) Let her express her individuality and trendsetter spirit; and 3) It's not RED. LOL...Besos, P&P. 

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