Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Midday Moscato: Something For My Sorors

From time to time, I may have a post that I title "Midday Moscato." No, its not literally about the oh so refreshingly sweet wine that many enjoy as an afterwork libation (every day is a celebration, right?). It is merely a metaphor for a little relaxation in the middle of the day- a fabulous diversion. These posts are a midday "pick-me-up." It may be about a beautiful pearl piece that I stumbled across, some fab shade of polish that I picked up or even a fabulous young woman that I want to recognize. Just some middday fun....

So here's the first Midday Moscato- Are you looking for that just perfect shade of pink for your fingers? And the prettiest shade of green for your spring toes? With warm weather and loads of sunshine approaching, many are looking for new shades to break the monotony of the same old polish colors. Well, I have found the perfect pink and green combination for spring:

Pink- Two-Hour Lunch by Orly. I love the name of this polish. Don't we all want to take those?  

Green- Tree Hugger by China Glaze. So I was a bit surprised by the name because it soooo does not remind me of a tree...much more like an apple (wink). Anyway, check out the pic below. And don't forget, if you go to Sally's and buy both of these, you can get another one FREE. Yay FREE!...Besos, P&P.

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