Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm Officially Grown! (Shout Out to My Mom)

So I finally did it! After almost 35 years of life, I am finally rocking a shade of red on my nails!

You may remember in my post, Too Young For Red, (if you didn't see it, click here) that I mentioned that I have never worn red polish. Being raised that red polish is for grown ups, I definitely had an aversion to the color. And even when I finally reached adulthood, I still steered clear of red. I still don't know why though. Maybe I've been trying to stay young- naaahhh I'm way too grown and sexy for that... Or maybe it's that I've been trying to avoid being like my mother and her perfectly polished red nails that she rocked as I was growing up... Yeah, that's probably more like it. I don't know about you but for many years I tried my best not to be like my mother. I think many daughters can probably relate to that statement. But as I get older, I realize that being like her is not all that bad. In fact, my mom was pretty fly back then...and still is....

So even though when I saw her on Saturday at my daughter's softball game, she was rocking the ever so soft OPI in Privacy Please, I dedicate this post to my mother who back in the 80's was the Queen of Red. Here's to you, Mom! Orly in Moonlit Madness (yeah, Im not really sure what it has to do with red, either).



This is like a cranberry red with a shine to it. Surprisingly, I like it. What do you think?

I think red is a power color- it says you mean business. But it also says I'm a lady. I guess that's what my mother understood back in the day. I love that dichotomy since power and being a lady are traditionally not supposed to go together.  I have a new respect for red. Red says "Boss Lady"...and  I love, love, love that....And my mom is dope for recognizing that back in the day.

BTW I picked this up at Sally's for $1.99 on clearance along with three Orly other shades- Honeymoon in Style, Razzle and Pink Whisper!! So excited!...Besos, P&P.

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