Monday, April 4, 2011

Hello, There! ¡Bienvenidos!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!! I am super excited about it! I'm writing this blog in honor of four quintessential ladies in my family- my mother, my great aunt, my cousin, and my grandmother.  All four have shaped me into the lady that I am. They carried themselves with such poise and grace. They never left the house unless their hair was perfectly coiffed, their powder was set and their lipstick was right. They believed strongly in the power of appearance and of the first impression. They always, without fail, carried themselves as true ladies… They told me on many different occasions the makings, that they believed, of a true lady. There are two things that stand out for me now, as an adult, that I never really grasped as a child. It was their belief that true ladies have a strand of pearls and polished, groomed nails. Thus the evolution of this blog... No, this will not be a blog about pearls, how they represent refinement and a showcasing of fabulous pieces- although there will be some of that. And no, this will not be a blog strictly about nail polish colors, brands and tips although there will definitely be some of that as well. This is a blog about being a lady in a world that values so many masculine attributes. This is a blog about finding the power of being a lady and succeeding in this male-dominated world. This is a blog about POWER…Not what you thought, huh?…The four ladies that I previously mentioned were known for their strength. I just thought that I would use my little piece of cyberspace to share some of it in the hopes that it may empower others…all while flaunting fabulous pearls and polish. So much more to come...Enjoy!... Besos, P&P.

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