Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Great Wedding Color...And More Polish Finds

So the last time I went to Sally's, I stumbled upon several Orly nail polishes that were on clearance. One of the colors was Pink Whisper. This is a great wedding manicure shade for those of you who are looking for a traditional, demure color for your hands. I know that some are looking for more colorful shades but I know when I got married my preference was towards those nude or light shades. Check it out:



This color is great because its not quite so light that it would be classified as a nude but its not so white that it looks crazy on my brown skin (yeah, we can't all wear white- P&P PSA). And the name is absolutely correct. There is just a hint of pink- a whisper. It also has just the right amount of shimmer- for me, sometimes shimmer can become annoying. This shade is great for brides (or french manicure lovers who are looking  for something a little different but in the same family).

On another note, I'm sure that it is now evident to you all that I have a polish problem. Everywhere I go it seems, I come home with yet another bottle of polish!! Well today was no different. Again, I went to Dollar Tree to get my son's fav french toast sticks. Of course, I had to go to the make-up aisle. And what did I find? Some L'Oreal polish- two in a pack. Yep, two for $1! Of course, I bought two packs!! So more "Polish Change" posts to come with colors like Activate, Caramel, Mandarine, and Viva Violet. (BTW Dollar Tree needs to sponsor my blog as many shout-outs I give to them, right?!?!?!? You would think I work for them or something!)

I love how my posts are inspiring many of you to step up your polish game! It just makes you feel so much better when you have your nails done, doesn't it? Don't forget to send me pics of your nails! Talk to you soon, perlas. And keep shining!...Besos, P&P.

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