Friday, April 8, 2011

Be Inspired- The Evolution of the Pearl

Often we forget about the process of becoming a pearl. We are so awed by the beauty of the finished product that we overlook its evolution.

Let me start by saying that a pearl is formed inside of a mollusk like an oyster or a mussel (YUM! I think I ate mussels for like two straight weeks last month.) The formation of the pearl only begins once an irritant (like a grain of sand) gets inside of the shell. In order to protect the mollusk, a lustrous substance is secreted around the annoyance. This substance creates layer upon layer of coats that eventually form a pearl. This process can take up to seven or eight years.

Each one of us is either a pearl or in the process of becoming one. I have two ways of looking at the irritant in the pearl development process. Both are inspirational viewpoints that can be applied to each of our lives.

1) Irritant = Trials/Tribulations
Life is full of trials and tribulations. The obvious analogy to me for the irritant is adversity. Hardships often can serve as a catalyst to greatness. Sorrow, trauma, setbacks, sickness, problems, worry all create layers upon layers of luster within a person. There is the cliche that "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger." This strength is illustrated in the layers of the pearl. The layers of strength within the finished product (YOU) create beauty and resilience. 

2) Irritant = Dreams/Passions
All of us have latent dreams or passions residing within. Some are naturally-driven to achieve or follow their dreams while others require a bit of a jump-start. Either way, a dream can very much become a nuisance if nothing is being done to achieve it. We can push it to the side, try to forget about it, even attempt to dismiss it but when we are laying in bed in the wee hours of the morning, it will wake you up. Passions will remind you that you are destined for so much more and keep creating layer upon layer of resistance to your stagnation while also adding layers of motivation. The lights that shine from these layers cannot be hidden or ignored even though that is our desire. The brilliance shines so brightly from within each of us that we can no longer ignore it. We must act to become the pearl.

Whichever viewpoints represents you, the pearl is the proof that evolution creates beauty- layers and layers of it. The hassles, aggravations and annoyances of life are actually adding layers of iridescent luster to your being. But this doesn't happen over night. So keep moving and pushing through because you are soooo shining on the other side....Besos, P&P.

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