Monday, April 18, 2011

Something Round For Easter? And I Don't Mean Eggs!

Easter is fast approaching this Sunday. It really crept up on me actually. Now that I think about it, it crept up on me last year as well. I need to get on my Easter game!!...Anyway, I know many perlas are preparing for church and big family dinners while outfitting their little girls with new fabulously feminine Easter dresses. Well, pearls are the perfect complement to any Easter ensemble for little girls.

It is never too early to start your perlita's collection. So instead of a basket full of eggs and candy (can you say boring?), why not celebrate with pearls? I have pulled together a selection of affordable yet quality children's jewelry for you to consider for the little princess in your life...Please keep in mind that my blog is not sponsored by any company so any recommendations that I make are my own. These are items that I would personally purchase for the little girls in my life (Shout out to mis perlitas, Summer and Amara).

Any perlita's collection should start with a simple pair of earrings- just some classic studs. I found two very affordable options at both for $25. The first is a white AAA cultured Akoya saltwater pearl stud that is 4mm. The second option is a white AAA cultured freshwater pearl stud that is a little bit larger at 4.5mm. The Akoya saltwater pearl is the better quality pearl so if the difference in size does not matter to you, I would go with that one.

Or what about this adorable variation of the basic stud that I found at Does your perlita love pink flowers? Check out these pink enamel flowers with a freshwater pearl stud in the middle. And they are screwbacks! I don't know about you but my daughter is the worst about losing one earring! They are reasonably priced at $44.99.

Or does your perlita like color, like mine does? Perhaps you should consider this awesome set of four multicolored pearl studs by Fresh by Honora which I found on These cultured freshwater pearls are crafted in sterling silver and come in pale blue, pink, green and lavender pairs. This set is $150- yes, all four pair of pearl earrings. I love these!

OK now let's talk about bracelets! I found a 6in cultured freshwater pearl toggle bracelet with a heart (OMG- love it!) at of all places. This must-have bracelet is only $29.99!!!

Or if you prefer the traditional style, I found a cultured freshwater pearl strand bracelet at for the same price of $29.99. It's 5.5 in. And guess what? If you buy two items from Zales, the second one is half off! (Remember the pink flower earrings!!???)

But if you have a perlita who is divalicious, you might want to consider these. Macy's has a great set of three cultured freshwater pearl bracelets with multicolored accent pearls for $150. So girly fab, right?

And lastly, every young lady needs her own strand of pearls. No, not one that you let her borrow but one of her very own. You can get a white cultured Akoya pearl necklace for $85 at My Pretty Pearls but I don't know what the length is- important stuff to include on a website, don't you think?? Anyway, here is a pic:.

 I also found an adorable pearl necklace at Macy's that is a cultured freshwater pearl strand set in 14k gold with gold accent beads between every three pearls. It is approximately 14 inches long. It's a little more pricey at $150 but it's really cute!

Feeling extra specially generous and giving? Why not get a set? After all, the perlita will definitely need earrings, a bracelet and a necklace to really begin her collection. I found this ridiculously cute set by Fresh by Honora (again at It is a pastel multicolor cultured freshwater pearl (5-6mm) set that includes a pearl strand necklace (approximately 15in.), a pearl strand bracelet (approximately 6in.) and a pair of earrings with three pearls. So freakin' CUTE! Not to mention such Easter colors! The cost is $260.

So go ahead and start that special girl's pearl collection for Easter. Many of us stress the pretty, feminine dresses for our daughters, nieces, goddaughters, granddaughters, and baby cousins. Shouldn't she have the perfect accessories to match?...Besos, P&P.


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  3. Great info. I was a little stumped on what to get my 11 yo granddaughter, since she's not into the basket thing. I'm all over this !! Thanks

  4. Hi MeMe! I'm so glad that this was helpful to you! Definitely let me know what you decide to go with...Besos, P&P.

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